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Computer Repair

Computers are like cars. They require maintenance if you want them to run well. You won’t try to go without an oil change for your car? Don’t hurt yourself by not getting your computer tuned-up. Even if your computer isn’t having issues, let us make sure its running at peak performance. Or if it is having issues, let us diagnose and fix the problem. Not only can computers have software issues, like viruses or corrupt files, but also hardware issues such as bad fans, too much dust, and failing hard drives. Don’t wait for your computer to become unusable (although we have brought computers back from the brink). Already take it to a big-box retailer for a fix and something still feels off? Bring it here, we can fix what they didn’t.

Basic Computers

Affordable is what you’re looking for in a computer, but without the poor performance typically associated with cheaper computers. You would describe what you need as a computer for “email and Facebook.” We can fit your budget while building or providing something we’re still proud to sell you. And should you decide that it needs more, most laptops and all our desktops can be expanded to fit your changing needs.

High-end Computer

Are you a professional who needs a workstation that’ll power through production software like CAD and photo editing software, and that’ll last long enough to be worth the investment? Are you a gamer who wants stable frame rate, even while playing the newest games on the highest settings? Are you a power user who just wants the latest and the greatest? We can provide for both very different types of high-end computer users. From Quad-core processors and up to the latest dedicated graphics cards. We aren’t just builders of high-end computers, but users of computers in this class.


Need a Windows Server for your business? We have experience in installing and setting up Windows servers, as well as building them to our standard for long-term operation. We have set up servers for video surveillance (one of our specialties), backups and Active Directory as well as using a Windows Server in our own office for Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Anti-Virus and hosting files.

Anything Inbetween

Just because one of the other categories doesn’t fit what you had in mind doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Need a computer above “high-end’? We can build a gamer or professional rig with more than one graphics card, high-end sound card, and does 3D with a 120Hz monitor. Need small computer for limited space, we can do that too. Or a media center PC to stream your own content to your TV? Whatever the need, we can build it!

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