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We are a full service solution provider for modern day technology needs, serving the Northeast Georgia region since 2004. Based in the “Classic City” of Athens, Georgia we provide computer and network service, products, engineering and Microsoft Certified Professional level technical support. From our own CCT PCs & Servers, Office/House calls, to International Network Engineering and design, we can handle most any need that may arise in today’s fast paced and evolving world, for home or business. Experience service and support like it should be, and join our many satisfied clients. Virus got your computer down? We can clear it up and keep your data. Plus provide you with solutions to help prevent future infections. Don’t let a virus keep you from using your computer to its fullest. We also provide security camera systems, start to finish. From designing the camera layout best for your location to incorporating an existing non-IP based system into a more modern IP system.


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It’s hard working for a business that doesn’t treat clients fairly. Sadly, many businesses use their clients’ lack of understanding against them purely for increased profit. You won’t find that at Classic City Technology. Paul Popov founded the business on the ideal of being able to go home and smile when he looked into the mirror, knowing that he had done everything he could to take care of his clients as family rather than a source of money. This ideal has driven the business since it was founded in 2004 and still holds strong today.

We are a small family owned business where you aren’t just a customer, you’re family. We take a professional, service-oriented approach to all jobs. It’s done once and done right. Rather than advertising, we leave our work to speak for us and generate all business purely from word-of-mouth reviews. If you ever find yourself needing work or you need help figuring out what actually needs to be done (and not what some big store told you should be done for a big price), give us a call. We are always happy to lend a hand.

“…Classic City Tech helped me defeat problems that my security software couldn’t handle, and on two of those occasions, help was off-hours.”

Alan G

“…Your after-market service blows away your competition. Your quick response, not only to any equipment problems, but especially to ‘user’ problems has decrease stress levels for me on so many occasions. You are my computer hero.”

Gwen B

“Thanks so very much for your help! I really, really appreciate what you do and the “service-oriented” way you do it.”

Rick S

Have you ever gone to a website where you can customize a computer to be built? Did you notice most of these sites try to charge for even small things such as wiring the computer neatly? We don't. As a standard, we wire each computer as cleanly as possible to both prevent data corruption and increase performance. Tell us about your needs and budget and see the difference one of our computers can make! ...

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